From google results to eavesdropping over shoulders to see laptop screens, Ubuntu seems to be a big thing now. Now as someone who's been using linux since before it was cool ( looks nostalgically at his Red Hat 6 user guide on book shelf ), I figured this was a new Mandrake. That was a distro from the late 90's/early 00's that offered linux with an install (almost) as easy as Windows. It provided that but once you got it running, it was linux in all its "wtf? Ok, I'm willing to build every program from scratch, but the >:XX thing won't compile!" glory. Ubuntu is not that. Now anyone with just enough computer skills to send email but too much trendiness for a mac [1] can sit in a coffee shop and blog in linux.

Ok, let's get more specific. Yes, install is a breeze. The most you have to do is enter your name and select the time zone. That's it. Ubuntu will do the rest. That might sound nice, but what is it installing? Granted I've never needed sendmail installed on my desktops [2], but why run linux if you don't install linux stuff? For example, no emacs. Seriously? I'm aware of VI/Emacs wars, but still give me the option. Ok, whatever. I'll just install it. How? "sudo apt-get emacs". Yeah, that's right. No root. :-/ Installed. So let start compiling my own software. Huh? No gcc [3]. groan apt-get#2.

All in all, I must say I'm not exactly impressed. I mean it does bring linux to the masses, but are the masses ready for it? Is it just linux turning into the new windows or at least the new mac?

And who doesn't love a login sound. Yes! Thank you windows Ubuntu. XX(



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