Launchy Screen Shot

Launchy [1] is a neat little program I found on the website. This program is nice to have for those like me who do a lot of typing and are bad as hell with the shell. Launchy sits in the background [2] and can be called up, by default, by pressing Alt+Space [3]_. Then you can type in a program, url or google search term that you would like to run. Launchy indexes the start menu and your bookmarks to give you a quick access list of programs you can start without having to go to the mouse. Since I'm more often than not using the keyboard that is quite convenient. This program is available for both Windows and Linux. I haven't tried the linux version. With linux I always have the shell open and can 9.9 times out of 10 start a program from there. Whereas in windows, paths are a bit annoying, for me at least.


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