My MPG provides energy and distance statistics for cycling and running. It also included gallons of gasoline "saved" [2]_ by not driving a car, based on average gas milages (in the US :( ). What I thought would be interesting is to compare the two based on energy not distance.

According to this week I rode...

Total Distance: 66.05 mi.

Total Burned: 3,005 (kcal)

That equates to 45.496 kcal/mile.

According to Transportation Energy Data Book results compiled by Oak Ridge National Laboratory [1]_, Regular Gasoline provides 31549 kcal of Heat Content per gallon. By comparison, my riding this week equated to 693.45 miles per gallon of gasoline (regular unleaded).

.. [1] Average Higher Heating Value,

.. [2] "saved" should be read as "equivalent". I wouldn't drive the car on the bike path in the park. So doing this didn't replace a car. Although, I did bike to the park also. So that segment replaced a car.

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