Cleaning Phase

So, I uploaded pictures of the bike I found. Saturday I was taking trash out and found this bike sitting on top of the dumpster. It's a red Schwinn. It's in good shape, very few scratches. It has a nice thin, light frame. I checked on local bike message boards, newspaper lost & found and even had a cop come out to file a report to see if it was reported stolen, but nothing has turned up. The tires are dried out and cracked, but not very worn, suggesting little use (as was the case with the brakes). There was substantial rust on most bolts, both derailleurs, the gears and the seat springs. It appears that it was just not wanted, perhaps someone moved and didn't want to take it along. I took these pictures yesterday when I was cleaning the rust off with a wire brush. That worked pretty well as you can see from the before and after shots, with the exception of the spokes and the chain. Today, I'm going to the local bike shop to get new tires. More pictures to come as the bike progresses.

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